About Us

About us

We are the third generation of a company dedicated to: The breeding, raising and fattening of cattle, specialized in the Colombian Brahman breed. With our perseverance and passion, we have given a new business approach to livestock in our country.

With an open-air breeding system, our cattle are raised and fattened with a 100% diet based on grass, minerals and water (grass fed), guaranteeing our customers a completely natural product to bring a great flavor experience to their palate.

The world has opened its borders to the Colombian market and thanks to hard work and decades of experience we have managed to improve the genetics of our cattle, this allows us to export the best of our herds to meet the needs of the most demanding markets with top quality products. NATBEEF is our international brand, it was born thanks to the genetic improvement of cattle in our Country, satisfying the food demand in the national and international markets.



We are IBZA, a modern Livestock Company that offers solutions and services to provide meat and livestock of natural origin to companies and/or institutions that work to satisfy worldwide food needs on a continuous basis and with products of the best quality.

The constant accompaniment to our clients, the respect for the agreements, the rigorous traceability of all the processes and, above all, the commitment to animal welfare, makes our customers to be and feel satisfied with the commercial relationship they have with us.


In 2026 we will be the best recognized company in the Colombian market for live cattle and national meat, thanks to the hard work for our quality, service and corporate values:

Corporate Values


We generate daily actions full of will and commitment, which
contribute to the achievement of our objectives.


We encourage – foster collaborative relationships, considering the contributions of our team and we work as a team together to meet our objectives.

Honesty and reliability

We establish relationships based on trust and credibility, honestly and responsibly committed to each daily action.


We strive to work hand by hand with our customers throughout the complete process, we are committed to their satisfaction throughout the process.

Business focus

Traceability, processes, compliance, global thinking and experience.


We work day by day to ensure social, economic and
environmental sustainability.

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